6 years ago
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Tuttnauer’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship on every part in the
autoclave. For exact details see a formal copy of the Warranty Policy or call Tuttnauer at
1 800 624-5836.
This warranty covers both parts and labor for new autoclaves only.
Tuttnauer warrantees chambers (on select models) for a period of ten (10) years against
any defects in materials and workmanship. This chamber warranty went into effect
January 1997. (for more details call 1 800 624-5836)
These warranties do not apply to any improper installation or application; nor shall it
extend to products which have been altered outside the factory without prior
authorization from Tuttnauer; nor to products which have been improperly maintained.
No product will be received or accepted for repair without proper return authorization
from Tuttnauer. All transportation charge to and from Tuttnauer are the responsibility of
the owner of the autoclave. During the first 30 days after purchasing a new autoclave
Tuttnauer will pay shipping costs on an individually evaluated basis and ONLY with pre
This warranty will be void if the unit is not purchased from an authorized Tuttnauer
To activate the warranty, the registration card must be completed and returned to
Tuttnauer within fourteen (14) days of purchase or you may call customer service
at 1 800 624-5836.
Tuttnauer’s obligation is limited to repair or replacement of parts for the autoclave.
No other warranties or obligations are expressed or implied.